Sunday, June 11, 2006


[x]Sworn at your parents?
[x]Hated them?
[ ]Been furious with a a friend?
[ ]Angry at someone for no reason?
[ ]Hated a friend?
[x]Held a grudge?
[ ]Sought revenge?
[x]Yelled at a friend?
[ ]Hit a wall in rage?

[x]Had desire for excess money?
[x]Wanted more of something when you had enough?
[ ]Kept to yourself instead of sharing?
[x]Wanted more than you have?


[x]Bragged to someone?
[x]Had an ego trip?
[x]Felt better than those around you?
[x]Felt "too good" to do something?
[x]Felt like you didn't need offered help?
[x]Talked about yourself too much?
[ ]Basked in your accomplishments?
[ ]Felt like nobody was as good as you?


[x]Wanted something a friend owned?
[ ]Felt jealous of a friends talents?
[ ]Felt envious of someones accomplishments?
[x]Or of their grades?
[ ]Or their salary and or amount of cash?
[x]What about someone else's clothes?
[x]Appearance or looks?


[x]Ever liked a friends bf/gf?
[x]Had dirty thoughts of someone you werent dating?
[x]Been in a suggestive situation with a friend?
If so, whom? [I can’t tell]
[x]Had dirty thoughts of your bf/gf?
[x]Been to 1st base?


[x]Put off a huge project till the last day?
[x]Planned your day but not acted upon it?
[x]Thought of something but didn't feel like doing it?
[x]Ignored homework in a class your failing?
[x]Told yourself "I'll do it later"?
[x]Slept in past noon?
[x]Sat on the sofa for hours on a beautiful day?
[x]Not wanted to do anything physical?


[x]Pigged out?
[x]Till your stomach hurt?
[ ]Blown your paycheck in one day?
[x]Wasted your money?
[ ]Spent a lot on yourself but not others?
[ ]Hogged something?
[x]Kept doing something even though you told yourself to stop?

El soundtrack de mi vida

Soundtrack to your life: Al lado del camino- Fito Paez

Opening Credits: 3 Small Words-Josie And The Pussycats

Waking Up Scene: Where is the love- Black eyed pies

Car Driving Scene: The One- foo fighters

High School Flashback Scene: Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

Nostalgic Scene: Good Bye My Lover- James Blunt

Bitter, Angry Scene: Bent- Match Box 20

Break-up Scene: Cuidate- La Oreja de Van Gohg

Regret Scene: Somewhere Only We Know- Keane

Nightclub/Bar Scene: Blur- Coffe and TV

Fight/Action Scene: Bye, Bye, Bye- N`Sinc

Lawn Mowing Scene: True Colors- Cindy Lawper

Sad, breakdown scene: Miedo- Pedro Guerra

Death Scene: Univited- Alanis Morrisette

Funeral Scene: Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve

Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: Breathless- The Corrs

Dreaming About Someone Scene: Uno – Mariano Mores, Enrique Santos Disépolo - tango - Argentina

Sex Scene: Close to you-sountrack of the movie "so close"

Contemplation Scene: All The Love In The World- The Corrs

Chase Scene: Slaker Bitch- Placebo

Happy Love Scene: Samuel- Pink

Happy Friend Scene: Steal My Sunshine- LEN

Closing Credits: Inevitable- Shakira

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